Preparing for the MUET

Preparing for the MUET
Signing up
When you sign up for a public test, such as MUET, you should find out information about the test as you can.
·         if you are a school student or a college student, you can ask you teachers or lectures.
·         if you are an independent student, you could ask people at the education department about where to get the form register for the test as well as for other information.
Getting Started
·         Buy a good book that give you all information you need about the test. It should include the test format, scoring guide, strategies on tackling the various tasks, and lots of practices with the answers and samples.
·         Read the strategies given and conscientiously try out the practice exercise.
·         With a language test, constant practice will go a long way in improving your skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
·         it is not possible to perform well in a language test by cramming the night before the test. it will not do very much for you except to make so you tired that you  will not be able think clearly enough to answer the question when you take the test, which is going to be 4 hours long!.
Preparing for the test
·         be fresh and alert
o   get a good night`s sleep the night before the exam.
·         Have a good breakfast
o   do not go to the exam with an empty stomach. you will need a lot energy for the 4-hour tests as you will not have the chance to snack during the short breaks when the test in progress.
·         Wear comfortable clothes
o   School candidates will have to wear their uniforms, but privet candidates at the difference test center should dress sensibly in clean, decent clothes that are comfortable. This ensure that you concentration will not disrupted by any physical discomfort.
·         Bring the necessary documents
o   Remember to bring all the identification documents, which include Mykad and registration, slip. You may not allow taking the test if you do not bring these documents.
·         Arrive early
o   Bring all the material you will need such as 2B pencil and pens, pencil eraser and correction fluid/tape, and a watch. For the MUET, dictionaries not allowed. The  sharing of stationery is not also allowed.

·         Stay relaxed and confident
o   Remind yourself that you are well prepared and are going to do well. If you find yourself getting anxious, take several slow, deep breath relax. Do not talk about the test to other candidates just before the test – anxiety is contagious.

·         Sit comfortably
o   At your desk, make sure you have your stationery at hand and maintain a comfortable posture. Do not fidget. Sit still and do not make any unnecessary noise, especially when the listening text is being played, during paper 1.
·         take taking
o   Listen attentively to the instruction given.
§  You have to know when you may start reading the test, and when to stop writing or shading the objective answer sheet.
o   Read the direction carefully
§  This may be obvious, but it will help you avoid careless errors. this is especially true when doing the writing test (paper 4), as it is possible to misinterpret the easy question or the visual aids.
o   Manage your time properly
§  Always keep track of how much time you have left for each test. Do not spend too much time on a particular question as you may find that you do not have enough time for the next question. For example, do not take more than 40 minutes for the question on interpretation of graphic information or you will not be able to plan and write a good essay when you have less than 50 minutes.
o   Don’t panic
§  When student start handing in their papers, do not panic. there is not reward or extra marks for being the first to finish.
o   Review
§  Resist the urge to leave as soon as you have completed all the items.
§  Review your test to make sure that you have answered all questions. have not marked the answered sheet wrongly or made other simple mistakea.

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